Workshop schedule for 2017

5 days of workshops, in English with translation to French
12-16th May
Valerie Vayre
Hollow beads 2 days
Enamel painting in the flame
Op-art  ( checker board) beads
Spiky implosion beads

Schweiz- Zurich/ in German
Claudia Wyssling studio. 19-21 Mai
2Tagen Hohl Perlen
1 Tag OP-Art (Schachbrett muster)
Please contact Claudia on Facebook for details.
Info and registration

Italy- Venice-Murano/ in English SOLD OUT!
Davide Penso studio. 26-29 May
Davide teaches hollows on the 26th and 29th,
Astrid teaches OP-Art and spiky implosion beads 27-28th
Please contact Davide on Facebook for more details.

UK/English SOLD OUT!
Flame off event 01-03 June
Demos and a class, techniques to be announced soon!
Please contact  Martin Tuffnel in the UK

Deutschland/ In German
Anmeldungen bitte an:
Glassgestaltung Otterbein Frankfurt Juni 30-2 Juli  und 7-9  Juli SOLD OUT!
Anmeldungen bitte an:

The melting Point Studio Sedona Arizona
Sept 14-18 5 day hollow bead extravaganza Sold out!
Sept 21-25                                                     Sold out!
Sept 28-29 2 day hollow beads
Sept 30 enamel painting in the flame

Bead Camp Florida, Nokomis SOLD OUT!
Oct 3-7
Oct 10-14
Oct 16-20


Inge said...

I enjoyed the hollows class at Audrey's. I've been practicing and now need to replace the cloth cover on the tongs. Where in the US are they sold?

Astrid Riedel said...

Hi Inge, you can buy them at Audrey's or look for it online in Europe. See if you can buy it off the roll per meter.
Regards Astrid