Itinerary for Workshops 2014

The line up for 2014!

                       Mokume gane Beads!
This year we will focus on making abstract beads, using various techniques.
The one new technique we will be adding is the "Mokume gane" technique, it is a wonderful technique which adds a exciting new texture to your beads.
Some of the other techniques we will learn, is the blowing of shards, a wonderful element in any abstract design, along with wigwags, Enamelled murrini's, twisties, Pleating, enamel powders, and of course the hair fine stringer application.
The above is all done on day 1, on day 2 we will cold work the beads, after which you will be shown how to ramp your beads up to temperature in the kiln to fire polish the beads in the flame, and you can still add any final decoration to your designs, before a final anealing.
Some of the beads we will etch a section or perhaps the whole bead will be etched.
Should there be any time left after completion of the beads, you are welcome to make a bead with all the techniques to then cold work at home.

Mokume gane translated from Japanese means "wood eye metal". This rare metal lamination process was developed and used by Japanese craftsmen in the 17th century for the adornment of samurai swords. Today, mokume gane jewelry is growing in popularity
The images shown are samples of the work we will cover, but not necessarily  the exact bead.


Enamel "painting" in the flame and fine stringer application

After a class of fine stringer drawing with me, you will know how to apply the finest hair stringers to any bead, You will be able to create your own artistic sketches with a fine stringers and with the amazing palette of enamel colours we will add life and 3D to your art work! 
All the “painting”is done in the flame of the torch.
For the advanced student, I want you to bring along images of what you would like to draw on your bead, in the style that you see above. 
We will be using both opaque and transparent enamels. 



Cate Gundlah said...

Do you have any upcoming classes in the USA?

Astrid Riedel said...
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Astrid Riedel said...

Hi Care, sadly no, no visa for giving a few workshops!


Astrid Riedel said...

Sorry, Cate...

Cate Gundlah said...

Darn, too bad. I really admire your work. I have a couple of your tutorials, but need a lot of PPP. I will be moving in the next few weeks and will hopefully have a lot of time to practice!!

Terry Henry said...

From the posts on Facebook it looks like you will be in Vancouver. When? It's not too far go go!

Esther said...

Hi Astrid,
I cannot find anywhere to register for your classes at Rochester...
please advise!
I have to book flights now (I live in Israel)

Marilynne Lipshutz said...

To register for Astrid's classes at Studio 34 Creative Arts Center in Rochester, New York, please contact us directly. We will send you workshop dates and details.
We are not using our website for on line registrations because Astrid's classes are intermediate/advanced level.