Saturday, April 2, 2016

Astrid Riedel Artist Profile - Melting Point Gallery in Sedona (Long Ver...

While teaching at The Melting Point Studio in Sedona USA in Febuary,
I was asked by Erin and Michael if I would be interested to do an
Artist profile presentation for the Melting Point which will run in their gallery,
and I believe a shorter version for Red Rock T.V in Sedona.
Of course I was very excited but on the other hand quite nervous about it.
On top of it, on the morning that the interview would take place I had no voice
 and it almost did not take place!
Thank goodness my voice had returned during the morning and so this shoot of me was filmed.
I hope you guys like it :)

Thanks Erin and Michael, for choosing to do this with me,
it is something for me to treasure and look back on :)



Ellen said...

I love this!!! I loved hearing you talk. I loved seeing your "for real."

Linda - said...

It's fantastic Astrid x

Astrid Riedel said...

Thanks, Ellen and Linda :) It is strange for me to see myself this way!

Astrid xx