Friday, November 27, 2015

Mom and daughter getaway!

Well if you have been wondering where I have been this week with no new beads to show ...This is where I was :)

My daughter Inge and I spent 4 days camping in the Lowveld at the Blyderiver Canyon.

The trails are fantastic, the first part dry and hot with beautiful views of the 3 Rondawels and the dam, we watched how 3 black eagles soared off the cliffs right over us, and how two deer were soaking up the view while resting in the early morning on a large rock. Then there was the delicious reward of hearing the rush of water and the sound of a nearby waterfall so idyllic to the senses. It was so nice that the trails were quiet, the kind of quiet before the the holidays are almost here!
It was just amazing walking along the mountain river with lush green trees and mosses and the rush of little waterfalls I was in constant awe with one moment  more beautiful than the other, it was a case of oh wow...oh WOW!  with plenty of chances to take a swim, but no swim cosi we had to return the next day!  Some of the natural pools were really deep, and one particular pool almost looked man made with granite blocks so square that the pool looked like an Olympic pool!
It was a must to come back the next day to bring our swimsuits and try out the really refreshing mountain water and it was fantastic! I was glad that the water was so super clear we could look to the bottom and make sure no funnies were there waiting to attack us...hahaha

We had a ball photographing the lizards they played hide and seek with us, but always coming out again looking at us with the same kind of fascination we had for them. Inge got the camera lense so close to the larger lizard that she almost touch it, and it just stared into the lense! Sadly I was caught up in the moment and did not take a photo of that.

Strutt your stuff!

At the Pinnacle on top of the waterfall

Lots of clear water pools 

 View of the Blyde dam
 At The Pinnacle near God's window

Each day another mood!

Yep, my gorgeous daughter!


Who are you looking at!

This one even changed into brighter colours!

A beautiful panoramic view, we could not get enough of it!

Unfortunately something scary did happen at the camping yard, but I will tell you about it tomorrow, I have sent an email to the headquarters in Pretoria and hope they will respond soon. If they don't I will post it publicly as it a serious matter.

So many waterfalls :)


Ellen said...

Ok. Ok. I'll forgive you for leaving me "Astrid-less" for a few days. A wonderful time spent with your daughter is the perfect excuse for being away for a time.
Your pictures were outstanding. You live in such a beautiful country, I'm happy you had the time to explore.
Now . . . get back to work!!!

Astrid Riedel said...

yes, I knew I would be in trouble with you ;)
This is a beautiful country, like so many other beautiful spots on this earth :)
Now I will get back to making beads and dreaming of the rivers and mountains ahhh....