Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Home again :)

I have had a really nice time in Switzerland, thank you everyone for making it fun :)

I have taken some snapshots of Zurich and surrounding area for you. I can only say once again after my 5th trip already, what a beautiful country, and Springtime must be the cherry on the top!
You just can't capture the depth of the hills and valleys, you almost get dizzy, just incredible.

 Claudia's neighbour's..
 Claudia's home
Psstt... In the garden of Claudia's neighbours....

 Behind The beautiful!

 At Boden See

The villages are spread around in the hills and valleys...such depth and the views are amazing..I want to go back already!
 And then my battery the top of the hill, is this not a beautiful setting!
 In Altstadt Zurich

 Raps..they make oil with it. Intensely yellow, so fresh against the green and blue sky.
 Here I had the wrong light setting...but I like the blue overtone..

 Panoramic new camera does this so well, you just move your camera from left to right across the scenery no matching up of images! Will do more of these in the future.
 Chestnut tree in full bloom
 Wide views and the Alps in the background, what more do you want!
On the way to Daniela and Markus's home..everywhere beautiful homes and buildings.
All photos taken with my new Sony RX100 III 


Ellen said...

So nice to have you back home. I'm glad you had such a good time and thank you for bringing the beautiful pictures.

Islandgirl said...

Where in Switzerland Is claudia's 'studio'? Lovely pictures... especially the flowers mine are just strting to emerge, now that the snow is finally gone!