Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hollow Arke beads


Ellen said...

I put my face real close to my computer screen and I'm pretty sure I could see my face in these beads.
I love the shiny, swirly look happening here.
Don't get discouraged if people don't comment on your blog as often as you'd like. I rarely get comments but I know people are reading (going in the back door and seeing the number of "reads"). I always "share" on FB too and that's where I get more comments and "likes."
Mostly I write my blog for myself just because I love doing it. I'm also writing for my mom. She gets such a kick out of it.

Astrid Riedel said...

Actually icould feel your nose right up against mine :)
You are right, I get lots comments on face book, but I love the Blogsite, the images are better quality than on FB.. did you see that I have published a small book..I did it mainly to have a nice portfolio of my work, and for another interesting reason which I will let you know about if the result is positive ;)
Thanks though for always taking the time to say something nice here :)I hope you had a nice holiday?

Ellen said...

I did not know about the book. Congrats to you and I hope it brings the results you're looking for.
My holiday was wonderful. I am posting about it in segments on my blog.