Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gold fumed hollow bead set!

The beads are gold fumed , but they look like copper beads, super shiny delicious beads ;)
I add a bit of sandblasting on 3 of the beads to add a little interest for the eye to rest on.

I will show you before and after the blasting..


Konad-licious said...

These are fabulously simple! Could I pls ask what the beads are strung onto? It looks like plastic? Thanks!

Astrid Riedel said...

Thank you :) IT is polyurethane tubing :)

Sue Marrazzo said...

So cool and MODERN!

Astrid Riedel said...

Than you Sue :)

Ellen said...

I squealed OUT LOUD!!!

Astrid Riedel said...

I have been wondering where you are...and then I heard a loud squeal!! I am happy to see it was you ;)