Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pictures from the trip to Switzerland and Moscow

It has been an interesting time again, 3 weeks have flown by...

My first stop was Zurich Switzerland, always a pleasure to go there, I just don't ever get enough of Switzerland! Claudia has a lovely studio, and she is such a generous host, and she makes an effort to make everybody feel welcome. 

A special thank you to Manja, for taking me to Lucern for the day, we chatted a lot and drank some really interesting chinese herbal tea...
Thank you Daniela, for taking care of the culinary side, the food was delicious!

Here are some impressions of the studio and the work we have done..

 Students beads on the right side

 My own demo  beads 


I spent 2 weeks in Moscow, and experienced all the seasons in that time! I was thrilled to have some snow!!

The students in Russia are so kind and welcoming, I really like them a lot!

A very special thanks to Tatiana, for taking care of me at the studio, her smile and friendly disposition is wonderful.
A very special thanks to Beatrice for translating much of the teaching...and spending time with me on my off days and showing me around Moscow. Thank you so much for organizing tickets for the Bolhoi Theater... even though it was booked out, It was a very big highlight of the trip and something I have always wished I could experience one day!!
A very special thank you to Olga and Ivan, for taking me to the biggest most impressive historical art museum, what an experience to see some of the most amazing paintings live! And Ivan thank you so much for translating at the show:)

The studio and some of the students :)

 Top view of the RED SQUARE 
 Saint basil's Cathederal

 At the red Square
Bolshoi theatre


Sue Marrazzo said...

So wonderful to view and read your post! Thanks.

Astrid Riedel said...

Hello Sue, Thank you, I had a great time :)

Carmen Isaacs said...

Welcome home, looks like you had a good time and your students beads look wonderful.

Astrid Riedel said...

Hi Carmen, yes for the most part it was good:) the students were great!

Ellen said...

So glad you're home. I missed you.

Astrid Riedel said...

Hi Ellen, I am back and will get to my torch sooooon! We were away for 5 days in the Drakensberg mountains, had a fantastic time hiking.

Hope to have some new beads soon!