Sunday, October 6, 2013

Canada ....You have captured my heart!

The famous lake Louise, so beautful and serene, and the Hotel on the Lake is a seting made in heaven!
An unforgetable trip to the Glacier, at temperatures of -20 degrees C it was the coldest place I have ever been!


Yep, that's me...about to drink some elixir from the glacier water, to make me 10 years younger, well those were the promises made;)

The Glacier walk, the backdrop to the glacier is just so dramatic.a wonder to behold!

I small village outside Banff called Canmore, I love these holiday appartments, the view from our appartment was gorgeous, I could have spent a view more days here, but we did need to be back in Edmonton to start the workshops...

Thank you everyone for making my stay in Edmonton such a success, I enjoyed all of you.
A special thank you to Kathy for making this trip possible, and to Tara, Rita and Nancy for showing me around Edmonton and the visit to the exhibit of "Body Works", the drive to the park with the Bissons and the movie evenings:) 

Eight days of workshops at Berock with kathy Walters as hostess, we had a good time and hopefully a lot was learned ;)


Carmen Isaacs said...

It looks magnificent. Welcome back.

Melissa said...

So Glad you had a trip to the Glacier !and to Bedrock ! thanks again for all the tips !

Jane Perala said...

I'm glad you enjoyed our fair country, and I'm so sorry I had to cancel.
My back is still not right!!!

la mar de bonita said...

Atemberaubend schöne Fotos! Sicherlich ein Platz, wo es mich auch einmal hinführen wird...
Willkommen zurück, Astrid :0)
Liebe Grüße, Michi

Ellen said...

You're home!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful experience with our (Michigan's) neighbor to the north.
I'm also thrilled you're home. My daily blog reading was empty without you.

Julie said...

So happy to have met you! I loved the classes I took with you. Many thanks.

Astrid Riedel said...

Thank you for the nice comments today:)

I had a super time with everyone in Edmonton. I will not be home long though, on Friday I leave for Europe again, my mind is still struggling to wrap it self around that ;)

I might still make a bead or two before I leave, who knows ...

if not I will see you here again at the end of the Month, keep well guys:)