Friday, September 13, 2013

Camel foot tree!

I admire this bush every morning the last few week from my patio and decided to take a photo to show it to you, the sun was just getting up this morning, so the light is low. This is the flower from the Camel foot tree, they flower profusely in late Winter and Spring, I have no idea where they get the ability from, I don't give it any water throughout the Winter and somehow they manage to find the strength to go in to full bloom before a drop of rain has fallen,  isn't that incredible! The reason for the name Camel foot is due to the shape of the leaves, but for me they should have been named the Orchid tree, on top of it all they  have a wonderful scent, plus there is also a gorgeous pink variety too!
I love having birds in the garden, but don't like it so much when I see the Grey Louries, and the mouse birds eat the petals, fortunately the tree is kind and made a lot more flowers ( for me) haha..

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