Sunday, May 6, 2012

Workshop 25th May Glass and Fire PRETORIA!

                              These are the techniques we will be covering in the class!

We will make Wig/Wag cane
Silver Glass Murrini
Application of enamels
3D twist technique in bead
. Layering for depth
. Making twists in bead
. Enamel murrini

. Getting the Clio to that lucious 
. Making "pleats/ripples" in bead

We will start by preparing murrini's and Wig/Wag cane this is a great technique to give you stringer and heat control too.

Working with enamels adds a huge
colour pallete and adds a lot of interest in your bead.

                                            Everybody loves Clio''s seductive HOT PINK!


Linda said...

This looks really interesting Astrid. What will we be learning when You come to Diana Easts?

Astrid Riedel said...

That and much more :) I think I am teaching 3 days in the UK so each day will have different Techniques.

See you son Linda :)