Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easy Sunday !

I love Autumn... a sense of peacefulness and a mood of relaxing and enjoying the softer light of the Sun sets the mood for me today....

I am just on a white background kick at the moment.. I have always loved watercolour painting and ink and pen drawings, and these beads with the fine webbed black lines and the abstract art gives me that same impression.


Ellen said...

I understand being on a "kick." I call it an obsession but you can use "kick" if you want. hehe
I love this kick you're on. The black webbing is such a coolio affect. I'd forgotten about that technique - thanks for the reminder.
BTW - it's not autumn, it's spring, silly. hehe

Astrid Riedel said...

It's Autumn in SA silly, he,he LOL

I love the black webbing too :)