Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Year another Day!

In SA fireworks are banned, so this is the full extend of our fireworks display, ha,ha... I think we did put on a good show with the little we had ! I made some traditional Dutch "Oliebollen" watched Adele in Concert at the Royal Albert on t.v and with the sound of rain in my ears went to bed ...... before 12!!!


Ellen said...

I like the way you said good-bye to the old year and welcomed in the new one, Astrid. Who needs fireworks.
We didn't make it until midnight either.

Astrid Riedel said...

I can't understand the big hype about the new year...and the money that is wasted on this!
If people want a better year we should start by being better people. So lets make that our motto for the new year :)