Sunday, November 20, 2011

Harrismith Weekend

The weather was not ideal for paragliding, but the views were awesome and the company was great:)
Whilest waiting for the wind to die down somewhat, we drove 80km to a small and the most quaint village in South Africa called Clarence. The drive through Goldengate nature reserve was awesome on the way to Clarence. It is a real artitst village with lots of galleries and wonderful handmade art. On top of it it was cherry season and a cherry fest was in full swing.
We had little time to browse around all the little art shops, as messages came in that it was finally possible to pull up the gliders and we rushed back to the mountan... but I will definitely be back :)
Last night we had such a thunderstorm I though we would be struck in our little tents!

The cloud completely shrouded the mountain side and we camped on the otherside!

The view from take-off 

Vultures were soaring above us!

There are always new blooms to discover, don't know the name though:)

Last but not least a shot of my husband flying!

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Jenni said...

The photos are great..what a wonderful day and experience.