Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It has been an interesting 10 days, I had no idea of what to expect and was surprised and amazed and in awe of what I saw and experienced .

                 The hotel was comfortable and offered an awesome spread each morning for breakfast.

We started classes about 12 ish.... so my mornings were relaxed and ended at 7ish :)

Friday was the first workshop, The ladies I met during all the workshops were so friendly, many did not speak English but we had a common language ...beads :)
Thank you to all who participated, I think you all made wonderful beads, and I hope you all had a good time too :)

Two really nice ladies, Katja and Julia showed me around Moscow on seperate days, a big thank you to both of you! Wow, what an impressive city, 15 million people hussle and bustle each day around here! The time spent on the roads back and forth each day just is incredible. We went on the underground trains too, a very effecient system and the artworks in the stations are amazing like none I have seen elsewhere.
Oleg ( my host ) introduced me to some interesting little restaurants and I really enjoyed the Russian cuisine...a lot :)
Of course it was a must to go to the Redsquare, there was no way I would want to miss that!!

 Saint Basil's Church!
I believe the architect of this most incredible church was made blind after the completion so he could not design another one ever...

This MUST be the most amazing food store in history, just look at the decor.....I wonder what the building was used for in time gone by??

This was from the view of my room, zoomed in ... Sadly with the cold weather not much was going on there, but I can imagine that in the summer months, this place would be buzzing with people. It is called the Vernisage and has permanent stalls for tourists and lots of eating places. I love the colourful roofs...

The Kremlin.... we went inside to view the crown jewells, again so overwhelming, the amount of diamonds on display is amazing!

The amount of beautiful, churches in Moscow is incredible, their beautiful golden domes glistening on the sky line. Apparently the buildings in the innercity were not allowed to be higher than the church towers!

Another thing I really loved is the trees... all exept a few, were Birch trees, I love them and with Fall colours in full beauty, it is quite a sight!

Spot the little squirel, it was so tame it came right up to my hands!
This was taken with camera phone!

A little art in the street!

Thank you to Oleg 
 for inviting me, it was wonderful!


Luda Marchenko said...

I'm glad you liked it in Moscow, and that you safely back home again and I'm glad to read your blog. Thank you for the workshop, it was pretty cool, I'm very impressed.

Astrid Riedel said...

Thank you Luda, it was amazing!

Ellen said...

Fantastic pictures. Beautiful shapes and colors.

adi said...

So schöne Bilder!!!!

Astrid Riedel said...

Thank you, they are of course better in real life , you just cant get he feeling of a city with a few photos of amazing building!

Anonymous said...

Dear Astrid, thank you so much for your interesting story! So, it is very great that you had a time to walk in Moscow and to make these magnificent photos.

Elena ^_^