Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On my way....

That is it, for the next month! I hope you all don't suffer withdrawl symptoms in the meantime ;)
I will have some photos for you again when I get back.
Keep well until then and make lots of beads:)


Ellen said...

Wait! Wait! Where are you going and why can't you take your laptop with you and still blog?
Or have you already announced your destination and I've forgotten?

Guido said...

. . . i knew it ;)))
see you there astrid !!

formartis - Iris Schäfer said...

Hi both of you
I am in Germany now, settling in by Iris, she has an awesome studio!
See you soon Guido :)

formartis - Iris Schäfer said...

oops that actually me Astrid not Iris, still logged in under her name!

Susanne Franzke aka Farberleben said...

Hi Astrid,

it was a great workshop day, yesterday. I hope to see you again in the future :-)

Greetings from
Susanne (farberleben)