Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some days the weather is just perfect, today is one of those!
I actually had to spend some time cleaning the house this morning, I could hardly look out the windows anymore ;) My pet hate house hold chores are cleaning windows, Ironing, washing floors. What are yours?


Ellen said...

Ah, yes, cleaning the house. I don't actually hate it - I don't do it often enough to hate it. haha
I suppose my least favorite is cleaning the windows. I even have the easy-to-clean ones; the ones that tilt in and I still only seem to get around to cleaning them once a year. Well, truth be told, maybe not that often.

Zydie said...

WoW Astrid, this Bead is s beautiful, I love this colors. Such a perfect Match!

Jane Perala said...

Beautiful bead Astrid. I hate cleaning the house so much that I have a cleaning lady come in every two weeks to do it for me. The idea is that I will do the light stuff in between - in reality it never happens!

Carmen Isaacs said...

Your house is spotless so obviously you are doing an excellent job!
Love the bead.

Astrid Riedel said...

LOL, I am good at tidying up but the cleanng hmmm, and living in the country in the Winter makes it sooooo dusty, drives me crazy!!