Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stormy Ocean


Daniela Ellenberger said...

This bead really looks like a stormy ocean, just cracy beautiful!!! See i found new words.
Hugs Daniela

Astrid Riedel said...

Thanks for your exquisite answer :)

Hugs Astrid

Anonymous said...

Hi Astrid,
I love your fancy beaddesigns. I'm looking foreward to meet you in Ratingen. Yippieh!

Kind regards

Astrid Riedel said...

Thank you Anke, I am looking so forward to being in Ratingen too :)

Zydie said...

Wow Astrid,

this bead is really awesome, I love this colors! Beautiful!
I'm looking forward to ratingen too :) So happy to see you soon in real life!


Astrid Riedel said...

Thank you Zydie, see you in the near future :)

Hagen Kemper 'tronje' said...

traumhaft - poesie in color ,