Monday, November 15, 2010

Jelly Baby

I am aweful at naming the beads,
I don't know what I should
call this style or series, any one ,
please make some suggestions:)
Ok got a name....
I have been given the idea to call the bead "Jelly Baby" I think that's awesome as it sounds like 60-70's Austin Powers style. Thanks so much you know who you are :)


Christelli said...

Hoi Astrid,

It looks verry Retro! That's also for me a perfect name for the bead
What diameter (sorry ken niet de Engelse benaming)are your lentils?

Greatings from the Netherlands
bye bye Christelli

astrid said...

Hallo Christelli,

Mijn Lentils hebben allemaal een diameter van 37mmm ;)

Ik had een vorige al de naam "retro" gegeven.

Groetjes Astrid