Saturday, October 30, 2010


Anonymous said...

look`s so great ;)

Frau Putz said...

Dear Astrid
I don't think I have commented on your blog before - but I have followed you for a long time, almost since you first started blogging.

I am a newbie at beadmaking and I just admire your work so much. If only I could aspire to make beads like yours :)
Practice, practice, practice. I know.
Only I don't think practice will be enough. I can't even figure out what you have done - except for the murrine-part (I realize they are murrine, but they are so complicated compared to the other murrine I've seen).

Karina, Denmark.

Astrid said...

Karina, Thank you so much, enjoy making your beads, we all had to start at the beginning it will develop in time, it is just difficult to be patient at times, I know :)

Thank you Guido :)